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Web Design Case Study – Flash website will get you no business

Web DesignIt has become almost a norm among graphic designers, web designers, creative professionals as well as hotels and restaurants to design their websites in Flash. Flash is a programming language that creates stunning visual effects, but is really bad for SEO. Google hates it. Bing is a bit more sympathetic towards it, but still gives it thumbs down.

Flash is also not supported by Apple and therefore does not display on iPhones iPads and Apple Mac computers.

Flash sites may look visually impressive but they get almost no organic traffic. They are impossible to index and therefore seldom make it to the top of the search engines.

Web Design Case Study

We found a great example to illustrate this point, a website of a web designer based somewhere in the US.  Although it may not be nice to point fingers at a fellow designer, we wanted to use it as an example and a warning. Don’t fall for the fancy look, always enquire what is under the “hood”.


Web Design Services for Small Business – Flash, HTML & CSS

Website Description:
For Amazing Graphic Design – Los Angeles and Worldwide. Hutchison Design Studio is an innovative graphic design firm that offers a wide variety of professional graphic design services as well as web design in Los Angeles. Specializing in branding, logo designs, print media and all sales and marketing materials, Hutchison has extensive expertise, whether your organization is a large concern or a small business. In addition, we at Hutchison have a passion for creative and innovative web site design. Los Angeles is a stimulating environment both artistically and technically, providing a unique esthetic which informs all of our work. – uff – quite a story here…

And here are the actual results of this expert Web Design:

Google Indexed pages: 3
Yahoo: 1
Bing : 4

Internal links: 0 (0 nofollow)
External links: 0 (0 nofollow)

Domain Age : Apr 06, 2004
Page Rank : n/a (not ranked) in 2012

Alexa Traffic rank : 23, 391,786 (this means the bottom of the heap)

Nice website, not cheap to make and still no traffic! It is such a waste of effort. If you absolutely have to use Flash, use it for a small portion of your website, eg. a header or a banner, but then balance it with enough text. This is if you want to get more traffic than our friend Matthew…

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