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Google PPC Ads get a shift again – Step up your SEO!

If you’ve noticed your site dropping in Google’s organic search results, you’re not seeing things. This week Google has moved the cheese once again by removing the PPC Ads on the right hand site and pushing the organic search results down to accommodate the fourth paid ad on top.

This move is going to significantly impact the auction dynamics in PPC and possibly drive up the PPC Ads prices. Instead of 11 ads on a page, we’ll now see a maximum of seven, with only 4 visible above the fold.

If you don’t use PPC Ads to drive traffic, you may find that your leads and sales drop quite a bit. Continue reading

Local business marketing gets even more complex

Local Business Marketing gets even more complex in 2014.  In order to have a chance of appearing anywhere near the top of Google search results is not enough to have a shiny website; you need to set aside a hefty budget for building your brand, establishing your social media presence, and coming up with interesting content to keep your customers entertained, informed and loyal to you.

The infographix below shows a small glimpse of what you are faced with…

Web Equity by Mike Blumenthal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Online marketing is no longer optional

Online marketing is no longer optional may sound very controversial, unfortnately it is true. The way people buy products and services has changed dramatically in the past years, and the old way is not coming back! These days sales are less dependent on your floor salesman and far more on your company web presence and your business credibility online.

2010/11 Yellow Pages is 40% smaller than the 2009/10 edition

Is your business throwing money down the drain by advertising exclusively in the media that is fast becoming obsolete?

The size of the 2010/11 Yellow Pages edition is literally 40% smaller than the 2009/10 edition and the next year edition will be even smaller. As an increasing number of people search for products and services online, traditional advertising media are slowly becoming obsolete.

Online Marketing is growing really fast

According to Forrester Online Marketing Research, in 2010,  an estimated 42 percent of people in the US either buy or conduct research online prior to making a purchasing decision. It is predicted that this percentage will grow to 53 percent by 2014.

According to Comreg’s Consumer ICT Survey, the number of online users in Ireland grew from 66pc in 2009 to 77pc in 2010 and average usage hours per week increased from 15.6 in 2009 to 19.4 in 2010.

So whether you like it or not, it would be wise to get your business online and invest in some online marketing knowledge.





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