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Search Engine Optimisation Case Study – Why SEO is so important?

 Search Engine Optimisation - Case StudyMany business owners focus all their efforts on building a website, but never set aside any budget for search engine optimisation. As a result, their site looks good but seldom gets any visitors.

Research has shown that 89.82% of all people who search online, never click beyond the first page of Google. In fact, the web page listed in position 1 of Google search results, gets the lion share of all the traffic – a whooping 42.13%. 

The second website gets only 11.9%, a difference of just one position means 75% less traffic and that often means 75% less sales! The third website listed – 8.5% of clicks. the fourth only 6.6%.

As we can see the first five websites get close to 75% of all visitors, while the other five listed on the first page, get to share between 15 to 20%. The remaining 5% of all traffic for a specific keyword goes to paid searches and a few odd webpages beyond the first page of the search results.

The importance of your website position in the search results  is perhaps better illustrated if we use a specific example.

Search Engine Optimisation Case Study

Online Marketing is a race, where the winner takes it all... Well, maybe not all, but the majority of sales. According to the latest research, the first listing in the search results attracts 42% of all traffic, while the second only 12%. As you can see the difference between the first an the second position can translate into 70% less traffic and 70% less in revenue.

Lets assume that there are on average 100 people searching for your type of products or services per day and only one in 5 visitors buys. Lets also assume that your average sale is €500. If your website was placed first in the search results, you would have made €4000 that day (42% of 100 visitors = 42 visitors. If one in 5 buys = 8 sales x €500 per sale = €4000 per day turnover).

If your website was in position two, you would have make only €1200 that day.

It is important to put the costs of Search Engine Optimisation in perspective.

If you had to spend €5,000 or even €10, 000 per year on optimising and promoting your website, it may seem like a lot. However if that helped you move from position 312 to position 2 or even 1 and you started getting qualified leads online, you would have recovered that investment in a few days.


Search Engine Optimisation services

As we see from the above example, Search Engine Optimisation is very important and should therefore be the most important component of any online marketing strategy.

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