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Webmaster services – the key to hassle free online presence

Many people ask us the same question – ” Why do I need webmaster services? The website is done and dusted, what else needs to be done there?

Most websites, after they are developed and uploaded to the web server, require some looking after on a regular basis.

If a website is left unattended, it may be subject to all sorts of problems – unscrupulous hackers can inject malicious code, viruses or even hijack your website, your website can crash without you knowing about it or your bandwidth can be exceeded and your website may be taken down by the hosting company.

You also need someone to monitor your website traffic, upload changes and alert you to the changes that need to be made for your website to stay current and legal.

If nothing goes wrong, a typical small WordPress website is fairly painless to maintain, however it still requires a few hours per month to monitor security, update plugins and core software and make sure that the website is working correctly after the updates .


Getahead Online Webmaster Services

Larger companies usually have a webmaster or the whole IT department on staff, but smaller companies frequently cannot afford such an expense.

Of course, if you have the time and skills, you can play the role of a webmaster, but maybe it is better to rather spend your time on your core business and let others worry about the nuts and bolts of your online presence.

Getahead Online offer webmaster services on a retainer basis. We charge typically between €50 – €500 per month plus VAT, depending on the type of site, functionalities to be supported, how busy is the site, number of users, how critical is the site – in other words how much time we need to spend to spend to maintain the site and what is the likelihood of something going wrong.

What webmaster services are included in this price?

  • updates to WordPress core files
  • updates to plugins and widgets
  • resolving any conflicts between plugins (update and roll back)
  • replacing plugins and widgets no longer supported by the developer and these ones that present security threat or affect correct website operation
  • website backup and restore
  • resolving any website crashes and availability problems
  • secure storage of your website backup off-site
  • first level of support for email problems (mail redirects, spam, creation of new users)
  • maintenance of website admin area – adding/deleting users, passwords
  • website security scans and maintaining website security
  • research – alerting website owner of new and better plugins/widgets
  • spam protection
  • web analytics – reporting on website traffic, types of visitors, bounce rate, conversion rate etc
  • monitoring of memory and bandwidth usage
  • small changes to website content eg. change of contact details

Dynamic websites  (e.g.busy blogs, forums, membership sites or ecommerce sites), require regular looking after. If you are not a programmer, don’t know much about databases, ftp transfers, caching, .htaccess files and so on, best to employ a professional webmaster.

If you need some extra work done e.g. come content updates, pictures upload etc. we can also add that to the package. Our hourly rate is €45 plus VAT but it works out a bit cheaper if you are on our monthly webmaster services package.

About Getahead Online Webmaster services

Getahead Online has been developing and supporting websites since 2006 and our staff thrive on solving problems. We have been able to recover websites after they crashed, resolve plugin conflicts and pinpoint some hard to figure out intermittent performance problems. We invest time in learning new tricks of the trade, so you will be well looked after.

If you require webmaster services for your website, please contact us.

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