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Information Products Development and Coaching

Information products such as ebooks, ecourses and software are selling like hotcakes.

You don;t need to be an absolute expert in the field, it is enough that you know more then your clients about your chosen field. We can help you turn your specific knowledge and experience into a profitable information product – an ebook, a white paper, a guide, a training course or a report. Our services include:

  • information product coaching and mentoring
  • information product cover creation
  • information product template creation (Word and PDF)
  • information product marketing and distribution

Have a look at some examples:

information product sample - eBook cover

eBook cover

information product sample eBook cover v2

eBook cover – version 2

ebook cover example 3

ebook cover example 3

information product example - a white paper or a guide cover

information product example – a guide

You too can have profitable information products

Whether you are are an accountant, solicitor, builder or a beautician, you could create a passive income stream by creating an information product.

An information product could be a guide to saving on your home heating bills, creating your own face masks using the ingredients you can find in your fridge or making your own will.

It can be an ebook, a video training course, a DVD or a series of podcasts. We can help you create the product and help you market it .


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