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The power of Social Media Marketing – Case Study

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Social Media is no longer a hangout for college kids. When done correctly, Social Media, and especially Facebook can skyrocket your business. You don’t need a big budget or fancy production crew. A good idea, consistent follow up and a quirky sense of humour, that’s all that is required to make it work.

This exactly was the case with Obermutten, a little village  that decided to go global…

Social Media Marketing case study

Obermutten is a small village in the Swiss Alps, with only 79 permanent residents, a church, a restaurant and a few cows.  A few months ago, it was virtually unknown. On a good year a few hikers passed by it, other than that it was largely a Sleepy Hollow.

Now some sixty million people around the world have either read about or heard of it. Media reports about the village have appeared in over twenty countries.  Obermutten has even been mentioned in the main news programme in South Korea. And it all started when the village Mayor decided to set-up a Facebook page and go global…

At the time of writing this article (25/11/2011), Obermutten had 13,025 fans in 32 countries and 2,540 fans were actively interacting with the village Facebook page. What would it do to your business if it had 13 000 fans?

Even if you don’t intend at the moment to market your business via Social Media, it is vital that you go ahead and setup your social media accounts, just to protect your online brand. Similar in concept to domain names, each account name is unique and once gone is gone, possibly forever.

Social Media Marketing Services from Getahead Online

Our Social Media Marketing services include:

  • Facebook Page creation and branding
  • Facebook Apps creation and hosting
  • Facebook Marketing via Facebook Ads, Stories and interaction with your potential customers
  • YouTube channel creation and branding
  • Video marketing (including video optimisation and simple promotional video creation)
  • Twitter account creation and branding



Branded You Tube Channel, Twitter Page and a Facebook page for a local builder

social mediasocial mediaSocial Media Marketing -  Branded Facebook Page example

If you would to create similar pages for your business or need some help with Social Media Marketing, contact us.

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