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Website Audit - Getahead OnlineA Website Audit is like a medical check-up. It reveals what is lurking “under the hood” and why your website is not generating leads or sales.

Many websites look good on the surface, yet their internal construction,  and poor search engine optimisation and the wrong content prevents them from being ranked high in the search results.

Or perhaps a website can be found by the search engines, but the visitors, once they land there, quickly leave because they can not find what they were looking for.

Website Audit quickly pinpoints those problem areas and provides clues on what should be done to improve them.


Website Audit – What does it include?

Our comprehensive 10-point Website Audit reveals:

  • The ranking of your web pages in Google and the amount of traffic your website receives
  • What keywords your website is actually currently optimised for, and which competitors are currently getting your business.
  • Whether your website has a properly constructed sitemap and robots file, and how often the search engines  are indexing your site.
  • How good is your on-page search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • How useful and appealing is the content of your website to your potential visitors.
  • How popular is your website and who is linking to it.
  • How good is your website navigation and internal link structure.
  • How good is your website in terms of calls to action.
  • How good is your website in terms of layout and content placement.
  • If there any errors or internal problems with your website that prevent it from getting indexed, ranked or that affect visitor conversion (from visitors to prospects or buyers).


Website Audit Report

All of the above findings will be documented in a 4 page Website Audit Report. This is not a generic report, but a comprehensive analysis of your website layout, structure and other elements affecting your website’s ability to generate leads.

Your Website Audit Report will also include a clear indication on what needs to be done to remedy the situation e.g.  add more content,  re-design your website, optimize it for the right keywords,  get more links, add relevant calls to action, improve credibility of your message and so on.

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There can be multiple reasons why your website is not performing as it should - poor search engine optimisation,  poor structure, wrong content, slow loading speed, poor navigation, broken links, lack of calls to action, confusing layout and many more.

If you would like us to review your site and give you a clear idea of what to do to lift it out of obscurity, call us,  or request a call back by filling your name and contact details in the form below:


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