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Keyword Research Services

Keyword research is essential to online success

Online marketing is a bit like fishing; you need to throw your bait where the fish are. Keywords are like bait. If you use the wrong ones, you go home empty handed.

Keyword research should be the first step in planning your online marketing strategy. Keywords or key phrases are the search terms people use to find information on the internet.

Find the right ones and watch your sales soar, get them wrong and all your efforts spent on designing, optimizing and promoting your website will be wasted.

Nearly 90% of keywords generate little or no traffic. Some keywords generate a lot of traffic, but the people who use them are not buyers. They are just browsing for information.

Do you know which keywords your website should be optimised for?

Why is keyword research so important?

In marketing one must never assume anything. Sometimes two seemingly identical search phrases produce dramatically different results.

Lets compare the search results for two keywords that are often used interchangeably: “keyword research” and “keywords research”. The search using the first keyword returned 179 million pages, while the second “only” 69.5 million.

This means that there is 60% less competition for the second keyword compared to the first one. “Keyword research” may therefore be a better keyword to target (although competitor keyword research may reveal a different picture).

“Keyword research” and “keywords research” are not the only search terms people could be using. Potential customers could be using keywords like: keyword analysis, keyword searches, how to estimate keyword traffic  or some other search term we might not even be aware of. Keyword analysis is vital to the success of your online marketing, so never skip this step.


Do you need help with keyword research?

Keyword research is time consuming.  Depending on how competitive your specific field is, you may have to evaluate thousands of keywords before you find the perfect 10 that are worth targeting.

  • We use state of the art keyword research tools, that enable us to speed up this process.
  • We first try to uncover all keywords that are used to search for your types of products and services on  Google.
  • Next we check how many searches are done per month using each keyword and which keywords your competitors are targeting (competitor keyword research). We also check the trends and see if the searches are growing or declining.
  • Finally, we eliminate  the keywords that are not relevant to your business, keywords that are seldom used and keywords that have too much competition (too many web pages that are optimised for that keyword). Through this process, we select 20 best keywords you should be targeting initially with your website content and how your website should be structured.
  • You receive a comprehensive report which shows you the results of our research as well as our recommendation of the 20 keywords which you should be targeting. The report also shows examples how your website and web pages should be structured and how these keywords should be used in producing website content.

Our keyword research prices start from €295 plus VAT, the price depends obviously on the number of your products or services, how popular your products/services are, how competitve is your market and a few other factors.

If you would like us to help you with keyword research, competitor keyword research and with selecting the right keywords to target in your online marketing, call us or request a  call back by leaving your details below:

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