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What’s your Online Marketing Strategy?

Online Marketing strategy componentsClear Online Marketing Strategy helps you avoid wasting time and money on activities that won’t make any difference to your ranking or sales.

It provides you with answers to the following questions:

  • Which keywords should I target first for the fastest results?
  • What content should I include in my website and how it should be structured?
  • Which online marketing channels should I be concentrating on to bring me the desired results?
  • What kind of in-house skills do I need to effectively implement this strategy?
  • If I decide to outsource the marketing, what kind of budget do I need?
  • If I follow the plan, how soon can I expect to start seeing the results?


Online Marketing Strategy Is Vital For The Small Business

Having a clearly defined online marketing blueprint is especially important for small businesses as they cannot afford to waste money on trial and error campaigns.

However creating a strategy that will produce predictable results is not an easy task. It requires an in-depth understanding of:

  • online branding
  • your competitor’s online marketing and linking strategy
  • Google and other search engines ranking factors
  • the intricacies of many different online marketing channels and techniques e.g. social media, multimedia marketing, blogging, location based marketing, Web 2.o, email and more…
  • pros and cons of each online marketing channel and what returns on your investment is it likely to produce
  • resources and skills required to promote your products and services via the specific online marketing channel
  • and more…

It is therefore wise to get some help or at least bounce your ideas off someone who has done it before and can demonstrate some measurable results. This should be done before you buy a domain, before you build a website and before you spend your budget on random marketing efforts.


Need Help With Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Getahead Online can help you create a comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy. Our fee starts from €297 plus VAT and it is a truly worthwhile investment.

You will receive a comprehensive Strategy Report, which includes Keyword Research, Competitive Research, Keyword Strategy, Website Review, Website Strategy, Online Marketing Strategy and a Suggestion of Metrics to be included in your website analytics.

The report will give you:

  • a clear statement of your objectives and how you are going to get there
  • a better idea of skills and resources required to reach your goals
  • a better estimate of required time and budget
  • clear project milestones
  • more predictable results
  • better return on your online marketing investment

Read more about our approach and the benefits of having an Online Marketing Strategy Consultation here.

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Need Help with Your Online Marketing Strategy?
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We offer effective online marketing services that can be matched to any circumstances and budget.

Whether you are a local tradesman, a small business, or a solo entrepreneur who wants to promote his products or services online, we will find an effective way to bring visitors to your site.

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