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Near Field Communication Opens New Possibilities for Mobile Marketing

Near Field Communication, the technology that has been slowly making its way into our smart phones, opens new mobile marketing opportunities for the local businesses (as well as the big brands).

Among the multitude of other uses such as contactless payments, Near Field Communication allows businesses to pass short pieces of information to the customer’s phone via a smart tag attached to a piece of promotional material, a physical product or a designated spot at their business premises.

The smart tag works in a similar way to a QR code, except it is less cumbersome. Rather than having to scan the QR code with your phone using a special app, a customer simply swipes his phone over the tag to read the code or website address programmed into the tag.

The video below demonstrates  how it works. Continue reading

New changes to EU e-Commerce Consumer Law

Selling Online? The new EU Regulations governing e-Commerce, will come into play on 13 June 2014. They are likely to have a considerable impact on both traders and consumers.

Consumers are now given an extended period of 14 days cooling off period within which they can cancel off-premises and distance contracts. 

The consumers must be provided with clear instructions by the trader on how they can cancel the contract. The Regulations also stipulate what information must be provided on all e-commerce sites and restrict payment and phone charges that a trader can impose on a consumer. Continue reading

Finance your eCommerce Website with an Online Trading Voucher

The Online Trading Voucher Scheme, recently launched by the DCENR, provides small companies with a chance to develop their eCommerce website or digital marketing strategy by offering them grants of up to €2,500 or FIFTY % of eligible expenditure.

Recent statistics reveal, that although Irish people spend over €4 billion Euro per year online, only a small fraction of this spending goes to Irish businesses. This is because only approx 23 % of Irish small businesses have online presence and actively engage in eCommerce.

The Online Trading Voucher System aims to change this statistic. Recognising the growing importance of the digital economy, Minister Rabbitte  announced that he was setting aside €5m in 2014 to assist in the roll-out of a national trading-online voucher scheme, aimed at getting 2,000 small Irish businesses trading online.

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Google Switches Over to Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics is now officially out of Beta Testing Stage and it will be slowly replacing Google Classic Analytics tracking code installed on millions of websites.

Universal Analytics offers new collection methods and reporting tools. With brand-new functions such as the User ID it is now possible to track even more accurate user counts by tracking user engagement via different devices and sessions.

Along with much better tracking, users will now have the capability to control organic search sources, session and project timeout handling, referral exemptions and search term exemptions from the admin; no longer will you need to change these in the source code. Continue reading

Local business marketing gets even more complex

Local Business Marketing gets even more complex in 2014.  In order to have a chance of appearing anywhere near the top of Google search results is not enough to have a shiny website; you need to set aside a hefty budget for building your brand, establishing your social media presence, and coming up with interesting content to keep your customers entertained, informed and loyal to you.

The infographix below shows a small glimpse of what you are faced with…

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