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Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Converting Leads to SalesWebsite Conversion Rate Optimization is a process of improving the percentage of your website visitors that perform the desired action : download the content, leave their contact details, call you or press the buy button.

In a nutshell, it means tweaking the website content to reduce confusion, removing distractions,  adding elements of trust, improving calls to action and guiding  your visitorss through the buying process.

Many companies build a website, then spend thousands on marketing without ever analysing the results.  Every website should be tweaked, the same as a brick and mortar store layout that gets re-arranged based on the observation of customer paths and the sales figures.

Website Conversion Rate Optimization

  • makes your web pages more relevant to visitors
  • improves customer experience
  • improves customer trust
  • improves calls to action

Benefits of Website Conversion Optimization:

  • lower bounce rate
  • greater user loyalty = more return visits and repeated sales
  • increased revenue with the same amount of traffic (higher ROI)


Website Conversion Rate Optimization Process

online marketing strategy - visitor conversionWebsite Conversion Rate Optimization process uses Website Analytics and User Feedback to improve performance of your website in terms of generating leads and sales. The improvement process requires a step-by-step approach.

The first step is undrstanding your metrics. What is your Bounce Rate? What is your Exit Rate? How long, on average, visitors spend on your site? How many pages they visit and which page they usually abandon? What should those figures be?

The next step is to review your website. Website Audit is like a medical checkup. It reveals what is lurking “under the hood” and why it is not generating leads or sales. Is it the website loading speed? Is it the navigation? Is it the lack of calls to action? You can read more about the Website Audit Process here.

After a comprehensive review, we map up an optimization plan. We start with quick wins. We implement the changes. We test and measure the results. Then we tweak some more.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a bit of an art as well as it is science. Sometime seemingly irrelevant details like the shape and the colour of the buy button make all the difference. And as each audience is different, you can never rely on your own opinion. You need to always test and measure the results.

Do yo need help with optimizing your Website Conversion Rate?

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Need to improve your Website Conversion?
You have plenty of visitors but no leads or sales? We can help...

Sometimes seemingly insignificant change, like the colour of your buy button can dramatically increase your conversion rate. In other times your entire website needs to be simplified, de-cluttered and shifted around to aid your visitors in their buying journey.

Whatever it is, we can help. Using our experience and a range of sophisticated SEO tools, we can X-ray your website and see what should be done to lift it out of obscurity. If you would like to find out more, fill out your details below and hit the send button now!


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