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Facebook Marketing – 7 most common mistakes

Facebook marketing is quickly gaining popularity among small businesses, however many are still struggling to master the basics.

With over a billion users worldwide and growing, Facebook is an excellent resource for small businesses to generate leads, promote their brand or product awareness, build company reputation and strengthen customer relationships.

Unfortunately many businesses, still get it wrong when it comes to branding and promoting their business on Facebook.

Here are examples of the 7 most common mistakes in Facebook marketing:

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Facebook Business Page vs Personal Profile

Why should you have a Facebook Business Page as opposed to a Personal Profile for your business.

Yesterday morning I was giving a short talk at a local business meeting on the benefits of using Facebook to generate leads for local businesses. The question of Facebook Business Page vs Personal Profile to promote a business cropped up again.

Having created websites for some of the businesses, I am familiar with their on-line exploits. One business has/had several Facebook identities, not to cheat, but different people on different occasions had created a Facebook page for them.

Each page had slightly different page name and often different details. Well what is the harm?

There are several good reasons for not letting this happen: Continue reading

How 2012 Facebook changes affect your business

Facebook changes announced last  week, significantly affect the layout and the functionality of your Business Page.

From the end of the month all visitors will land on a new, Timeline page as a default. These changes unfortunately are not optional.

Facebook will be switching all Business Pages to the new framework on 30 March 2012 and you won’t have an option to revert back to the old layout. Continue reading

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